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May 17, 2012

From the Desk of a Bachelor Beauty...

What's up TV Democracy?!!   My name is Cristy Caserta (“CC”) and you may (but probably don't) remember me from Season 15 of ABC's The Bachelor with Brad Womack.  I was the cute, bubbly, blonde lawyer who rocked purple, made a far too normal entrance, stayed clear of the drama, and then consequently went home on night one.  But hey, no regrets, and at least I didn’t cry on National Television!!!  I am here now as your guru for all things Bachelor/ette.

Since being on the show, I’ve had the opportunity to attend reunions and meet many of the other contestants from previous seasons of the show.   It’s been a blast making new friends and watching them go on their “journeys” to find love on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or join the Bachelor Pad house.  Having an inside look into the show really changes your perspective and how you watch, especially knowing that what you see and hear on reality television is not always as it seems.

With that said, Monday night, the eighth season of The Bachelorette premiered with Emily Maynard as the newest Bachelorette.  I was lucky enough to meet Emily that first night in the house.  She is as gorgeous, sweet, and well dressed in person as she appears on TV.  That B*tch!!!  (I kid…she’s great!).

That first cocktail party may be one of the most awkward, nerve racking, and exhausting experiences I’ve ever been a part of.  There are cameras EVERYWHERE (which definitely takes some getting used to), you’re meeting everyone for the first time (that’s 24-29 gorgeous and intimidating faces hitting you all at once), you’re trying to impress the Bachelor (or at least you’re trying like hell to get two minutes to sit with him), and all the while you are trying not to over-indulge in the free alcoholic beverages provided to calm your nerves.  While the episode is only two hours long, the cocktail party actually lasts around twelve hours!!!  Yes…I said TWELVE!!!  By the time they finally start handing out roses you’re completely delirious (and now you know how they get all those tears…..haha)!

Every season there are always a few characters who show up to play, and this season is no exception. Who are your favorites so far???

I wish Emily the best, and hope she ends up leaving this experience lucky in love.

I’ll be making a few blog appearances, so if you have any questions about the season, or the show in general, feel free to post questions.

You can also follow me on Twitter @CristyCaserta for live tweets every Monday night during the show.

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